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Below you can find links to publications and articles that are not associated directly with Transplant Links (TLC) but might be of use to you.

Establishing sustainable kidney transplantation programs in developing world countries: a 10-year experience. Kidney International, November 2016.

The Dos and Don’ts of starting and growing a new transplant programme. ESOT, Brussels 2015.

Transplant Links: Taking Renal Transplantation to the Developing World. Royal College of Surgeons Bulletin, 2011.

15 minutes with a kidney transplant surgeon. BMJ, 2011.

Health Literacy in the Development of Kidney Transplantation Programs in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, 2018

External resources:

Info Kid: information for parents and carers about kidney conditions in babies, children and young people.

British Transplant Society Guidelines: a society that represents all professionals involved in transplantation in the UK

Understanding Kidney Failure: This text aids medical students and trainee doctors in developing their knowledge of the conditions covered and improving their ability to clinically assess patients and formulate a management plan. Once doctors are comfortable in interpreting these graphs, they can use them in consultations with patients about their kidney condition and so support self-management by patients, an increasingly important aspect of healthcare.