On The Road: Developing a Kidney Transplant Programme in Barbados

On The Road: Developing Kidney Transplant Services in Barbados

Interviewer: TLC Project Manager Aimee Jewitt-Harris. Interviewees: Consultant Nephrologists Dr Nerissa Jurawan and Dr Lisa Belle, working in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados.

Welcome to this ‘On The Road’ TLC podcast, in which TLC Project Manager Aimee Jewitt-Harris is joined in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados by Dr Nerissa Jurawan and Dr Lisa Belle: two consultant nephrologists who play instrumental roles in the development of a living donor kidney transplant programme in Barbados. They discuss the burden of kidney failure in Barbados, the options that patients have had in the past for renal replacement therapy, what life is like on dialysis, the benefits of transplantation over dialysis, the partnership between TLC and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, the hurdles involved in developing a kidney transplant programme, the need for support on a governmental level, the need for a multidisciplinary team within the hospital, advice for centres who are thinking of developing a programme, the vision for the transplant programme in Barbados, the need for a cadaveric programme and the governmental legislation to support it, and our local sponsors Elegant Hotels and Republic Bank Barbados who’s support has been invaluable in the development of the programme.

Left: Dr Lisa Belle, right: Dr Nerissa Jurawan

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